Ranomics Launches VariantFind™, a DNA Library Synthesis Platform
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Today, Ranomics, a Toronto-based biotechnology company announced that it has launched VariantFind™, a novel proprietary platform for creating DNA libraries. VariantFind™ leverages Ranomics’ multi-site saturation mutagenesis technology to create high quality and cost-effective variant libraries for users in protein engineering, synthetic biology and agriculture technologies.

Variant libraries are a key element in any biological screen. With recent advancements in laboratory automation and high-throughput technologies, variant libraries are perfectly placed for generating data points in a systematic and comprehensive manner. The VariantFind™ platform uses multiplexing technology to incorporate a large number of mutagenic oligonucleotides into a single series of PCR reactions. Variant libraries can be used for antibody optimization, protein engineering and promoter enhancement, amongst a list of other downstream applications. VariantFind™ libraries are easily integratable into different workflows and can make biological discovery and optimization faster and cheaper.

"Traditional methods for variant library generation such as chemical synthesis and single site-directed mutagenesis can be extremely expensive at scale." says Cathy Tie, Co-founder and CEO, "We have been using our multi-site saturation mutagenesis method internally for creating variant libraries of hereditary cancer genes, and we are excited to offer this technology for our customers in synthetic biology and protein engineering industries."

VariantFind™ offers a suite of products including multi-site saturation libraries, single saturation libraries, combinatorial variant libraries, and alanine scanning libraries. VariantFind™ already has customers in the U.S. and Europe using its service, including biotherapeutics company Gigagen and Ossianix.

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